546 Hendrijke Meets the Buena Vista Social Club
I first did a study of Hendrikje [Rembrandt's 'Woman Bathing' ] which friends liked and bought immediately! I then intended to do a much larger version but I started to feel too cramped artistically and living in Rembrandt's shadow. One day, I happened to play a CD  called The Buena Vista Social Club  - a group of relatively recently discovered elderly Cuban players who seem to have been playing since almost the first world War!  So I turned the large blank canvas horizontally, revised the original image of Hendrikje and then created two dopplegangers - one on each side, dancing to the music.

Its very much in the spirit of  my Stravinsky's 'Soldiers Tale' painting , but in this case all kinds of sneaky 'artistic language' is incorporated into the painting. The colours of the Cuban flag have become not just a background but actually invade the dancing figures and also become the pool of water that the 'original' Hendrikje was standing in Rembrandt's painting. [Somewhat in the language of the 1960's.] On the other hand the central figure is simply shaped with only her light shift playing three dimensionally against her flattened image.